Solid set sprinkler system

It takes all the heavy work out of solid set irrigation by mechanizing the pipe laying and retrieval at the end of the season. Even in the wettest season the pipe can be removed from the crop easily as the reeling device stays at the end of row. The crop is watered in a perfect manor with a droplet size that mimics light rain and this can be controlled to the exacting requirements of a particular crop. When the 

pipe is removed it slides underneath the crop down to the reeler with minimum damage to the quality of the crop.


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Drip irrigation

For the last fifteen years Robert Wells of Wells Rain has designed and supplied drip irrigation systems in Herefordshire and Shropshire. Predomenantly irrigating potatoes, soft fruit and cider orchrds. Wells Rain is fully equiped to provide a quick and efficient service, designed at your specification and budget. 

"With 30 years experience in irrigation and 15 in drip. We know what we're doing!"


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Design and installation

We pride ourselves on developing a design solution to all farmers detailed ideas. Wells Rain has been at the forefront of the many facets of irrigation, adapting systems to market changes and working with local farmers to ensure productivity is of a high standard. Additionally Wells Rain has designed and built new machinery to further improve efficiency, productivity and most importantly the 

quality of the end product. We listen to farmers and adapt systems to their specification resulting in many satisfied customers.

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