We have designed a system of solid set irrigation which is mechanized in the sense that it has no laborious handling of the pipe in the crop. The pipe which could be 50mm,63mm or 75mm is layed down by a reeling out machine ( see video) and the when the irrigation is finished power reeled in from the edge of the field. It is then ready to be reeled out in another crop or stored flat for the winter. This is accomplished by one machine, depending on how it is linked up to the tractor, performing the reeling out and the reeling in operation. Once the pipe is reeled out in the crop the sprinkler has a small pipe attached to it and the pipe is pushed into a tapered connection in the delivery pipe (see video).
The other advantage is that each length of pipe which comes off the delivery pipe independently can either be manually controlled or have an automatic valve on it. This makes the whole irrigation system very easy to install and gives superior results to any other form of irrigation.

 Automatic Controller off aluminium main

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